Monday, 6 August 2012

Between hale storms

Well, it's been a few days since I've last signed on here. I've already given myself a little kick for not keeping this as updated as I should be, but, being the beginner that I am I'm allowing myself a few strikes.

As for what I've been up to, as I may or may not have mentioned (short term memory is not my strong point!) I've had a couple of assignments over the summer that have been keeping me busy. The images here are from my location drawings which I've been slogging away with.

Not going to lie, this project is really starting to wear me down! Not to say it hasn't been useful, quite the opposite actually, it's taught me an awful lot such as the art of choosing an interesting location (something not achieved here!) Its really important that you give yourself the most encouragement possible, so chosing a subject you are passionate about will certainly help productivity!

This leads quite nicely onto what else I've been doing, my summer project. Again, apologies for not putting up a great deal of information about this project but, swear to God its on its way. I've been extremely pleased with the material I've been producing and really want to get it up on here to hopefully get some feedback.

The problem is that as a rule I work on loose sheets of A3 paper, which my crummy roadblock/door wedge/A4 scanner has a hard time dealing with, so to scan things in professionally I have to take a trip to the university, which is quite the little expedition for me at the moment until I move into my new house. But i'll be making that a priority this week so expect to see some of those images here in a day or two. I'm relying on the weather to sort itself out, as I don't want to be caught in a hale storm like the one I experienced earlier...

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