Monday, 30 July 2012

Good news!

To quote the most excellent Professor Farnsworth "Good news everyone!"

Just purchased a domain name today, which felt particularly pleasing as I was most surprised that the name hadn't been taken! Now there is just the small issue of needing to build a website to use it for...

Still, it feels like I'm making progress, which can't be sniffed at.

As for today, I begrudgingly spent a few hours on my observational drawing work. The project consists of making a variety of drawings based on a certain location. For my project I chose Tenpin Bowling. Why you may ask? Well, that is my part time job while I'm at university, and now that it's summer it's where I have been spending the majority of my time. Now while it was a logical choice to draw seeing as I've been spending so much time there (And now that the sun is out it's quiet enough there that I can do a sneaky bit of doodling) it does means that every time I look at this project all I can think about is being at work.  So, a bit of a double edged blade there.


I always found work like this to be difficult, but now I really enjoy the spontaneous nature of it. Drawing on location means you never know what you are going to get, but it does force you to make the most of what you get. All of these pictures were done on site, with some colour work added later. Media ranges from pen, pencil, quink, watercolour and gouache

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