Friday, 10 August 2012

The Black Cauldron

"Gurgi's alive! .....but he still has no friends" (sad face)

Ok, maybe a little explanation needed here. Just watched Disney's 'The Black Cauldron' as part of my research into welsh mythology. It's a very, repeat, very loose adaptation of the Chronicles of Prydain series written by Lloyd Alexander. And what a waste of an opportunity that was.

Its just another example of a poor adaptation, shame on the mouse here. It has such potential, what with the rich material available.

But, on the lighter side of things, if you want to see an absolutely appalling film to chuckle along to, look no further. Words cannot describe the sheer spectacle of seeing a mutant dog/abominable snowman hybrid leap into a chasm of fire to save all humanity...because he has no friends.

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