Wednesday, 29 August 2012

One week in Hampshire

Well, i've been having some well deserved time off. After completing my illus130 project, I've been giving myself some tlc. So, that means i'm going to be a little sporadic with my posts this week, as i'm in Southampton celebrating my rather lovely girlfriends birthday. However! It's also meant that, because i'm not doing any official work (nor do I have any immediate deadlines!) i've actually been able to do some pleasure drawing. It's been a while since i've drawn for my own pleasure, and its actually a very warm feeling to return to.

The media is simple fine liner with a dash of watercolour. This was actually my predominant style before starting university, and due to this I tried to expand the mediums that I used and not be too reliant on any particular media. However, coming back to it, I must admit I wonder why I never considered using this as my trademark style to begin with. So, with this is mind I am going to slowly start intergrating what i've learnt this year and apply it to this.

This, on reflection, was exactly the purpose of this first year of university. To try the entire range, break comfort zones and expose myself to everything available, and then take a step back and build the picture with all the different aspects you have tried and learnt from. I can't stress enough the learning curve here, and would encourage anyone struggling to find their style to take this exact approach.

Phew! Feel awfully wise (must be the beard i'm growing) but overall a good week so far. Hopefully aim to get something else up from my sketchbook on the weekend.

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