Monday, 20 August 2012

Striking out at the Bowling Alley

Only the you understand....

Thank God! It's over! That was a gruelling project, and through streams of blood, sweat and tears, it comes to an end and the result is a relatively pleasing outcome.

I said from the start that my biggest regret with this project was choosing a location out of convenience and not out of creative interest. It's a simple lesson, one which I should have known better. Choose something you are actually interested in!

So, for the moment I will be taking a creative leave from observational drawing (of course that will be forced out of retirement once university starts again in september) and instead will be concentrating whole heatedly on my summer project. I have plenty of ideas in the works and can't wait to make them come to fruition. 

In retrospect, the project has had its uses, and come next term I think i'll be in a better position to approach the next one. It sure as hell won't be anything to do with bowling!

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