Monday, 30 September 2013

Modules, Websites, Competitions and a week of fresh frustration

I knew it would be busy, but nothing could have prepared me for the shear amount of work ahead of me this year. On top of an already busy year of studio modules, we also have to prepare for life after uni with reports on the industry at the moment, professional web sites, advertising material, portfolios...not to mention a dissertation. But, I'm looking forward to it none the less.

Our first studio module is to be based on Plymouth Museum, so had a walk around there on wednesday for inspiration. We can use it in any way we wish, so I've already got ideas for exhibits snatching people away for their own devilish deeds. I'm planning on creating my first ever children's book which will hopefully be wonderfully scary and dark.

What has been the main source of frustration this week however has been website building. I thought I'd safely put that to bed with my tumblr portfolio account, but unfortunately for me, we have to build a professional site. Its in an early stage yet but I've already got a working template ( which I plan to work on over the course of the year. I need to design some form of logo or header, not something i've been good at in the past but it will have to be a case of trial and error.

In all this paper work and timetabling I have still managed to find time to explore some artwork, most notably this week discovering Yoann Lossel. Absolutely stunning artwork which caused me to buy some gold leaf for experimentation of my own. Haven't got round to using it yet but its number one on my list.

Anyway, one week down of 3rd year and I am thankfully still feeling excited and motivated. It probably helps that its my birthday this week so I'm looking forward to fresh art supplies!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Year 3 First Day Impressions


A little dramatic, but wow, it really, really, really is going to be a busy 12 months. And today, was only the first module brief. Yikes. Serious wake up call!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Skinny and the Giant Fish

Just squeezed this picture into my timetable before starting university (for the final year!) tomorrow. One picture finished, one new term about to begin...

This image just came to me one night, and I've had it stuck in my head for a while. Really used this as a chance to go back to my beloved fine detail that I like to obsess over.

Japanese Brush Pen, Indian Ink, Charcoal, Gouache and Photoshop

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Oh God, it's not 3rd year already is it?!

As the title may suggest, I am indeed about to begin my 3rd year of (BA) Illustration and oh boy do I feel this coming like a sledgehammer. Dissertation, website building, business cards and all sorts of professional practice are going to be taught this year and with that comes the slow realisation that soon I will be returning to the real world.  I hope they will still let me draw there!

In terms of projects for the forthcoming year I am actually quite excited. I've already got several ideas that are in the pipeline (as long as they are OK'd by tutors) and have also commenced writing two stories that I wish to illustrate and produce into full novels. Exciting times indeed.

That hasn't stopped me drawing in my own time though, which leads to my sneak peak of September's illustration. Don't know where this drawing came from, other than I had a strong desire to draw some fish. That quickly turned into a full forest environment that really tested my abilities. As it stands I am very pleased with how its shaping up, and its has been a nice return to do some full black and white art.

The case of the mysterious vanishing camera cable has yet to be solved so once again, I apologise for the poor picture quality of my camera phone, but hopefully will give some indication as to whats of been working on!