Saturday, 12 January 2013

A note for the future

Important announcement for the future of this blog. I will be limiting the amount of images that will be displayed on here, and focusing on my personal website and tumblr account. That's not to say that I won't be using this site anymore, just don't expect as many images of my work. It's mostly to do with user friendliness (this site is a bugger to arrange pictures on!)  If you are interested in keeping up with my artistic endeavors then head on over to either site, links to which can be found on the sidebar.

But hopefully you will continue to check up on here. I've still got plenty to rant about :p

Old people

So, for this project I've been currently working on, I have been spending a lot of time drawing old people. In an odd way, it's something that I always enjoy. There's so much detail and expression that you can't help losing hours with it. These were all done using either pencil or charcoal