Wednesday, 24 July 2013

More experimenting

Still busy trying to develop a style that I'm happy with, so did this illustration as a quick test. I'm liking the mixture between the charcoal and the ink, but, to me something still doesn't feel quite right. But its only by trial and error that we learn. Still, I was pleased with this considering how quickly it came together. If there is something that I need work on it is my speed so was pleased that I churned this out over night.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Royal Photoshop

Well, I know my last post was a sneak peak at what I was working on at the moment, but a rather unexpected thing happened. Suddenly and inexplicably, I was able to use photoshop! Now, for anyone who knows me, my computer skills have always been minimal and I try to use them as little as possible. This definitely applies to my artwork. While I have tried digital colouring before, and have had some success with it, I had always told myself not to rely on it.

Then I did this illustration. My first thought was to paint it with gouache, but, I told myself to scan it in before I did any work on it just for a fail safe. And there it was, lying on my computer desktop staring at me every time I logged in. So, for a quick experiment, I thought I'd load it into photoshop and just have a play with it.

10mins I had started colouring the face, so far so good.

30mins I had started trying out different colours for the jacket.

2 days later I had bloody rendered the whole thing!

Having such an overt fear of computers, I must say I have been thoroughly pleased with myself! And just goes to show that having a fear of something shouldn't resist at least trying it. I think I may do a series of digital paintings based on this one so watch this space. Next job is to attempt a background....

Friday, 19 July 2013

Thursday, 18 July 2013

July's Skinnies heading this way

After a shaky week sorting out where the hell I'm going to be living this year I have finally settled into my new home, and created a new studio to work in (studio may be a generous word for it but there's nothing wrong with being grandiose)

Despite all the upheaval I have somehow managed to get some art work under way, all of which are as varied from one another as can be. So far I've got one detailed pencil study, a charcoal diorama and an ink portrait all in various stages of completion. Having suffered from a serious creative block for the last couple of weeks, it has been very refreshing to actually get some images down on paper. I have tried to dispense with putting too much thought into their purpose, merely doing some artwork to try and encourage me into getting back into a creative routine. Expect some photos on here this weekend.

In my personal life, I have started some new medication to combat some of the sleeping problems I've been suffering with lately and so far (fingers crossed) I have noticed a considerable improvement, which may be causing my new found motivation with my artwork. Obviously only time will tell, but it is a welcome change which I certainly mean to capitalise on.

I also have a new commission in the pipeline which I'm keen to start on, but when more details arise I'll post them up on here. It seems July is turning out to be a very busy month indeed...