Monday, 13 August 2012

End of Year Show

This is actually going a little backwards in time but I thought i'd put up my end of year show photo's. 1st year was such a blast, and I couldn't believe how quickly its gone by, I don't want university to be over so quickly! Still, 2 more years yet, so, believe you and me, i'll be making the most of it.

The board included work done throughout the entire year, and the media used included Pencil, Pen, Ink, Gouache, Quink, Indian Ink and little touches on Photoshop. The key to first year was experimentation, so I wanted to try as much as possible and explore the range of different media thats out there. I think I've settled on a couple that are my strong points, but i'll continue to poke my nose into whatever takes my fancy!

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