Thursday, 23 May 2013

Exhibition Preparation 2013

So, we've all been busy getting the studio ready for our end of year show. Despite one rather disastrous moment of boards toppling onto the computer section things went rather well. Managed to avoid getting any paint on me! Which is a miracle to say the least. I always like going to these events, just for the chance to see what everyone has done across the two year groups. It is also a nice introduction to that eventual time where your work has to be viewed by an audience. I still get nervous showing my friends work, let alone strangers.
Now comes the more difficult task of actually deciding what to put up for the show. I decided to do one new piece for the show that no one else had seen yet, just so there was something new to look at. It was also my first chance in a long while to do some personal work,  
which needed no explaining or justification. Once the show is over I'll load the picture on here. It was a return to safe ground for me, harking back to some of my pre-uni art styles.

It was such a nice return that I now plan to illustrate a series of images in this style for my own self initiated project over the summer (in between dissertation research of course...)

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