Friday, 31 May 2013

End of year show Image

Well, as promised here was the personal image I did for my    end of year show. I seemed to have misplaced the cable for my camera (consequences from moving house) but i'll find that tomorrow and upload my end of year photo's then. It seems like I'm constantly moving house, and as a matter of fact, i'll be doing it again in three months time, but that's student life for you!
I was determined to get one personal image into my show as I wanted to show something new for it. I was very happy with the outcome here as it felt a little more me. The inspiration came from recently playing Shadow of the Colossus and wanting to do a picture of Wander. I like how well the charcoal and the Japanese brush combines here and it's something I plan to continue experimenting with over the summer.

This is actually going back to my earlier post today, but, heading into year three I still feel undecided as to what artistic style to pursue. There's a lot of excellent competition on my course and it really motivates you to try and create the best work possible. Healthy competition promotes creativity and jealously in equal measure!

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