Thursday, 16 May 2013

End of Year Show 2013

Another year done, and its left me with that daunting/exciting notion that I'm going into my final year of study. Not quite sure what to make of that! My end of year show is to be next Thursday, so expect some pictures of me in the mean time painting boards and clearing out the studio.

On a more productive side of things, I have now assembled a rough and ready portfolio. It's a peculiar feeling seeing all your work condensed into twenty pages and knowing that this will be how prospective clients judge you.

For the more perceptive of you out there, I have rejigged my blog design. Hopefully it reflects me and my work a little more accurately than that rather garish purple stain that inhabited my page for the last year.

On to new projects in the pipeline, now that university has finished for the summer, I plan to do some homage images for some of my favourite films and games etc. It dawned on me while making my portfolio that I didn't really have any artwork that was done for pleasure, or reflected me as a character. So, first on the list is an interpretation of the game 'Shadow of the Colossus', one of my all time favourite games. Stayed tuned, and look out for giants...

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