Sunday, 23 September 2012

While in France

So, i'm starting back at university tomorrow (huzzar!) which is great because i've been desperate to get back into a working environment, and have a studio to exploit. It does have the unfortunate side of effect of being set even more work, on top of all the others projects I have on the go at the moment! So I warn you now, I expect my upcoming posts will be work that was completed some while ago, and all new work won't be seen until I get to uploading them online here. For example, the costume and character designs below I did whilst away on holiday (3 weeks ago...) have only now been shown daylight, while the gouache painting i've had laying around for yonks and have only now found the digital file.


The reason I put these particular ones up at the moment was due to me making some form of professional decision. This last year I was determined to experiment as much as possible, and while that did open my eyes to other mediums I had not even considered it also meant that my finished product was not always up to the highest levels that I knew I was capable of. These images were a return to media I knew I excelled at. Therefore I have decided the following:

To return to finished artwork completed with gouache + watercolour
Taking my pencil and pen based work back to the forefront

and regrettably

Factoring in more digital artwork into my portfolio

Well, there is my intended action plan for this forthcoming academic year. Lets see how well it holds up!

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