Sunday, 6 October 2013

Poignant Words

As part of illus 341, a module entitled 'Your Professional Contexts' I have been emailing artists and illustrators about their work and experiences in the industry. This was a little daunting, especially when it came to asking them to look at your own work for advice.

We were told to expect little to no response (they are after all professional working illustrators with little to no time to respond to lowly students) but, I'm pleased to report that I have been getting some feedback. I won't name anyone specifically but its surprising how receptive and supportive people are being, no matter how rich and famous they are. One in particular had these words of advice to me:

"Don't look for the experiences of others to compare with your own. There is no master, no method to follow, the way is unique and the responsibility too."

Very poignant words that struck home with me. I've always measured my life against others whether it be comparing my successes to that of my brothers or my colleagues. But in the end, the way we live should not be judged against others. We are individuals and we each should live life by our own rules and standards. I may have to put that quote up on my desk and look at it whenever I need encouragement or solace.

So right now, and feeling good about myself and my work. Which reminds me, I've got some  tshirt designs in the works for as part of their 'next big tee' and 'sesame street' competitions so expect to see my entries up here soon!

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