Thursday, 18 July 2013

July's Skinnies heading this way

After a shaky week sorting out where the hell I'm going to be living this year I have finally settled into my new home, and created a new studio to work in (studio may be a generous word for it but there's nothing wrong with being grandiose)

Despite all the upheaval I have somehow managed to get some art work under way, all of which are as varied from one another as can be. So far I've got one detailed pencil study, a charcoal diorama and an ink portrait all in various stages of completion. Having suffered from a serious creative block for the last couple of weeks, it has been very refreshing to actually get some images down on paper. I have tried to dispense with putting too much thought into their purpose, merely doing some artwork to try and encourage me into getting back into a creative routine. Expect some photos on here this weekend.

In my personal life, I have started some new medication to combat some of the sleeping problems I've been suffering with lately and so far (fingers crossed) I have noticed a considerable improvement, which may be causing my new found motivation with my artwork. Obviously only time will tell, but it is a welcome change which I certainly mean to capitalise on.

I also have a new commission in the pipeline which I'm keen to start on, but when more details arise I'll post them up on here. It seems July is turning out to be a very busy month indeed... 

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