Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Love of Seven Dolls

There seems to be some neglect going on over here...

Well, what can I say, there's finally an end to this term and I'm officially exhausted. Looking forward to a much needed break. But before I rest up for at least a month, let me share what I've been up to!

Here are my final's for the short story 'Love of Seven Dolls' by Paul Gallico. All images completed using charcoal. I am extremely happy with how these images have turned out, and will be proud to have them in my portfolio. I learnt one of the most important lessons in life with this module: always, ALWAYS, save your progress when using Photoshop. I cannot express how much agony was felt when Photoshop crashed on three hours worth of digital work. (And why the hell does Photoshop NOT have any autosave?!?!)

I have also finished the group comic book project so will get the digital copy on here ASAP.

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