Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Thumbnails at 2:33am

The title leaves little to the imagination! I'm up at nearly three in the morning, trying to scan in some cover ideas for tomorrow's (or should I say today's?) deadline. This is a short editorial brief, only 4 weeks in total, to go through an entire project from initial ideas to final artwork. Included here are my ideas for the brief, I would go into detail about the content but i'm so bloody tired! I'll give a more thorough explanation once one has been chosen so I can finalise my design.


I hope they choose the first design as that is my personal favourite, if not, then design three would be a close second. But, sod's law says they'll pick number two so we'll wait and see. Thumbnails were completed with pencil, fine liner and watercolour, for speed more than anything.

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